Involvement in international research projects:

GREEN-WIN – Green growth and win-win strategies for sustainable climate action (Sept 2015-Aug 2018). On developing a global dialogue on green economy based on grounded experiences of win-win solutions and new forms of green entrepreneurship to deal with climate change and sustainable development challenges.

IMPRESSIONS – Impacts and risks from high-end scenarios: Strategies for innovative solutions – (Nov 2013- Oct 2018) on exploring impacts and risks from high-end climate scenarios and developing strategies for innovative systemic solutions

IPCC AR5 in EUROPE. Usability, framing, and communication of scientific knowledge (Sept 2014 – April 2016). JPI lead by the Centre of International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO), Oslo, Norway.

KLASICA – KNOWLEDGE, LEARNING AND SOCIETAL CHANGE ALLIANCE (2011-2021). An International Research and Action network and IHDP initiative based at the Institute of Advanced Sustainability Studies in Potsdam

VISION (Dec 2010 – Dec 2013; “Vision RD4SD”) On developing, together with EU science policy makers, a shared vision to harness Research and Development for Sustainable Development (RD4SD).

GLOBAL SYSTEM DYNAMICS AND POLICIES (Oct 2010 – Oct 2013; On Integrating approaches from multiple disciplines to develop an international research programme on complex systems sciences and global sustainability.

RESCUE – Responses to Environmental and Societal Challenges for our Unstable Earth (2010-2011;, a European Science Foundation foresight initiative on developing integrated science responses to global environmental change and unsustainability.

INTEGRATED RISK GOVERNANCE PROJECT (2009-2019; of the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change, on large scale risks that exceed the current human capacities to cope with them.

ADAM (Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies. Supporting European Climate Policy, 2006-2009) on developing innovative climate appraisal processes from a comparative regional perspective. He developed the transition-oriented concepts of “Integrated Climate Governance” and the “climate learning ladder”, based on empirical insights obtained in five regional case studies around the world.

MATISSE (Methods and tools for Integrated Sustainability Assessment; 2005-2008; which developed the approach for Integrated Sustainability Assessment (ISA). Case study leader in the domain of water.

SUSTAINABILITY A-TEST (Sustainability Advanced Test; 2004-2006; on inventorying sustainability assessment tools.

PEG (Precautionary Expertise on GM crops, 2001-2004; on Precaution and Integrated Assessment of GM crops in Europe.

HARMONICOP (Harmonising collaborative learning, 2002-2005; on social learning in river basin management in Europe. Main author of the integration report containing 10 national and 10 river basin case studies.

FIRMA (Freshwater Integrated Resource Management with agents; 1999-2003) on agent-based participatory modelling.

ULYSSES (Urban Lifestyles, Sustainability and Integrated Environmental Assessment; 1996-1999) which developed the concept and seminal methods for public participation in sustainability science.

GOVERNANCE AND THE ENVIRONMENT (1995-1996) with the United Nations University (1995-1996) and Universitat Pompeu Fabra.