Supervised Phd thesis

5.Towards new forms of learning. Exploring the potential of participator theatre in Sustainability Science Maria Heras, PhD thesis , 2015. (Supervised by: J. David Tàbara and Louis Lemkow)
4.Are mountains leaving agriculture behind? Agricultural abandonment in the Pyrenees Feliu Lopez-Gelats, PhD thesis , 2010. (Supervised by: J. David Tàbara and Jordi Bartolomé)
3.Social movements in sustainability transitions. Identity, social learning & power in the Spanish and Turkish water domains Akgun Ilhan, PhD thesis , 2008. (Supervised by: J. David Tàbara)
2.Elisabet Roca Bringing public perceptions in the Integrated Assessment of Coastal Systems Elisabet Roca, PhD thesis , 2008. (Supervised by: J. David Tàbara and Miriam Millares)
1.Freshwater scarcities and desalination: evidence from Morocco, Spain, the Occupied Palestinian territories and South India Gregor Meerganz von Medeazza, PhD thesis , 2007. (Supervised by: J. David Tàbara and Sybille van der Hove)